Simple tricks to boost your local SEO and grow your business

If you are putting on a website for business or for professional purpose then you need to make efforts to rank your website in the search results. Today’s generation is dependent on Internet for a quick search and optimum result. Google and other search engines tend to rank website that not only offers good and informative content but also SEO. Your website today is your key to great success tomorrow and to do so you need to get listed among the top in the search results. Here are some simple tricks to boost your business and website locally.


Business related or professionally related websites must be placed on the first page of the search results. If you are running a local business then you need to prioritize your website in the search results. For instance, if you own a cafe then your cafe’s website must be listed on top when viewer looks for the nearest coffee corner or a cafe on Internet. To popularize your business website and garner more attention you need to apply the simple tricks here.

Optimization of Domain Name

Creating a website is not easy. You need to pen an URL or name your website in such a manner that one can easily get to know about your local business easily. Try to name your website that reflects your work. For example, if you are a web designer then you can go for a simple “” or anything that is related to web designing. So if a client is looking for a nearest or local web designer then he can easily get to you. Some developers also add locality and business type in the domain name. So, those viewers can easily locate you by place and work.

If your browser is set locally then all the search results that pop out on screen are the local listings. So to improve your local business in your city make sure you link your business website with other local webs. Search engines tend to list website that is linked often. You can add your website link with YellowBooks or YellowPages for authenticity.

Media and Socialize

Building Website is not enough you need to share it too. Nowadays social networking sites are quite popular among people. You can share your website link on Twitter or Facebook and also ask your friends to share your website link so that more people get to know about the business. Some people also share their links via e-mails, and encourage masses to follow your website. The more you socialize your website the more you draw attention to your website and Business. You can also advertize your local business on daily newspaper, radios, too.

Feedback and Reply

Many people forget about their website after creating it but this is not the end. If you want to grow your business you need to encourage your clients or viewers to share their opinion, interact with your viewers and reply to their queries too. If a viewer suggests, comments or asks any business related queries then like a responsible owner you need to clear any doubts by replying them. This way you can build a healthy relationship and attract more viewers to your website and grow your business.

Hope these 3 simple tricks help you boost your Local SEO and grow your business.