Why I Need A Responsive Website?

Responsive Web Design, a good Web Designer is well aware of the term. If you are a naive in the world of Web then here is an important tip a good web designer must have. Responsive Web Design refers to your Website representation on any gadget or making of user friendly Website. People nowadays tend to go with trend. Youths or Business man are now depended on the portable gadgets and uses it to search various things on Web. Being a responsible web designer you must design a website that goes easy on every gadget available and for that Responsive Web Designing is essential.

Why i need a responsive web design

One of the modern day’s trends is Tablet and Smartphones. It is portable and easy to use. A responsible web designer designs website that is compatible on every portable and desktop gadgets. Responsive Web Design allows you to create a Website that can be easily accessed via Desktop or Tablet or Mobile Phone. No need of creating a separate website for Mobiles. Today’s generation wants everything on the go. Nobody wants to spend extra time on searching anything differently or on different devices. A good Web designer will think of it before it becomes an issue. Good Website must be easily loaded irrespective of the device. Here is a brief article about the merits of Responsive Web Design.

Only and Only One Website Needed

If you opt for the Responsive Web Design then you must know the merits of it. A Responsive Web Design for a website denies the use of a separate Mobile Website. A good website with Responsive Web Designing can be accessed on every gadget so there is no need of creating a separate website on the same article or items. If you go for a separate Mobile Website the URL and HTML seems to match which is not beneficiary for your website. So, Create a Website that can be easily accessed via desktop or tablets or smartphones.

Google Recommended

If you create or write same article for both your Mobile website and Desktop website then Google rejects your website completely. As the URL and content are same, Google won’t show the website on Search list too. The website or your business will have a bad impact or say there is no success.

For a successful website, opt for Responsive Web Design. This technique allows your website to be viewed or loaded on every gadget or say it adjusts itself on every device irrespective of the screen size. You don’t have to waste time writing similar article for mobile website. Google also lists the website on the top that adopts Responsive Web Design method.

Managing Website Becomes Easier

You are well aware of the term SEO or Search engine Optimization. SEO manages your website ranking. Your article or website appears on the first page if you have a good SEO. Managing one SEO is easier than two. If you create a separate website for Mobile then you need to spare some time to manage the SEO for the Mobile Website too. But using a Responsive Web Design that makes your website accessible on every gadget doesn’t require additional time to manage SEO as there is only one website.

A good Web Designer will opt for a Responsive Web Design for a client or individual website. This technique is useful and a time saver.