SEO Tips to Follow in 2015!

A good web Developer or Website owner needs to keep pace with the changing trends in the Web World. Last few years we have been facing a lot of changes in the Web and Internet. It is possible that this year will also add up some new features or trends. A website developer is well aware of the Google Updates like Panda Update, Pigeon Update, etc. These updates make a lot of changes or turns tables around in the Website World. Users, Views and Search changes every year and is expected in the New Year too. To keep your website on the top SERP this 2015 here are some simple tricks to follow.


Every Website owner wants to be ranked at the top to get better views and benefits. But Google is the one who manages the search Engine. It scans the website with genuine articles and ranks accordingly. No matter whatever update shows up this New Year make sure to get your Website pass through them without any hassle. To boost your website this 2015 hope the tips discussed ahead helps you.

Unique and Quality Content

It is always in favor of Website if you dedicate quality and genuine contents. Google tends to rank websites that have unique and quality content. If the website ranks on top then you have more traffic leading to great success in present and future. Keywords play an important role in getting more traffic to your website. Nowadays conversational style search are quite popular than just a simple keyword. So make sure to add conversational style keywords to draw more readers.

Drawing traffic is not enough. The reader or viewer must be engaged in reading, stay and visit your website regularly. So, maintain a clean, quality and unique content. The readers should not return back to the main search result page unsatisfied. The article in your website must satisfy the viewers need.


A Website won’t be recognized right away. You need to advertise or socialize it in every positive possible manner. Today we have different Social Networking sites where you can create a page dedicating your Website and draw attention. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many can add to the publicity. Create your Website pages or Tweet or share about your website so that more and more people get to know about it. Publicity is one of the great means to draw traffic. It contributes in making a presence of your Website.

Link and Share

You might have noticed websites sharing links that are linked to the original or source website. This is also a great way to attract more readers. If the content in your website is unique people tend to link or share it on their respective websites. But often this may lead to blocking or penalizing your website. Make sure your website developer use Monitoring tools. This tool will help your website eliminate the Negative links leaving behind the quality ones.

Loading Time

We are living in an era where people are busy and hasty. To keep up the pace you need to keep the website simple and clean so that is loads within seconds. If a website takes minutes to load will ultimately increase the bounce rates for your website which in turn will affect the site in a bad way.

Responsive Web Designing

Design your websites that are compatible to Smartphones, Tablets and PC. Adapt Responsive Web Designing technique to help your website appear in seconds in all the devices without much hassle.

Hope the tips in here blooms your website in 2015.