Step by Step Tips to integrate business email id with Gmail for Free

If you’re a business owner, then this info will help you in great way. We want to be more professional with our clients, so we need a domain for business mail id. If you’re a tech savvy, then you can use your cPanel’s webmail option to send or receive business emails. But if you’re a new member in this field, then you may face lot of problems. A lot of paid services are available in market which can make your task easier. If you can afford them then go ahead but if you want the process should be free of cost then you’re in right place. Yes, you heard it right.


Here I am going to give you some tips, so that you can set up your domain name email with Google’s very own “Gmail” without paying a single penny. You would have used Gmail once or two, if you don’t have a Gmail account yet, then open one it’s free and the best email client currently we have. By going through the tutorials, you will be able to send and receive your business emails with your domain name email address. Let’s go and give it a try.

Step 1. To get started, you need to go to your Domain control panel or the cPanel. To access the cPanel just type either a) or b) (Note : Just replace with your business domain address.)

Step 2. Then you’ll find the cpanel login box. Give your username and password to access the cpanel.


Step 3. After logging into the cPanel, scroll down to Mail session and click “Email Accounts” option.


Step 4. Now, you need to create a business email id with the given option on your screen. Choose a name for your email account, as I’m creating one for me i.e. ( and enter your convenient password. Once completed, click on “Create Account” and your business email is ready now.


Step 5. One you’re done with creating your business email id, you need to type either of these two URLs a) or b) (Note- Replace with your website).

Step 6. Then you’ll see a login box appear. So you need to enter your full business email id and password to login webmail.


Step 7. Now in Webmail mail window, head to the “Forwarding Options” and click on it.


Step 8. You’ll see an option “Add Forwarder” click on it.


Step 9. Enter your personal Gmail account in which you want your business mails to go. Then click on “Add Forwarder” button.


Step 10. Now, go to Gmail account and log in. Once done, press the Settings icon and in the drop down option, click on “Settings”.


Step 11. Now you’re on Gmail settings page, where you can find an option as “Accounts and Import” tab, click on it. Then you’ll find another option i.e. “Add another email address you own” under “Send Email As” option, click on it.


Step 12. Now a pop up box will appear, asking “Enter information about your other email address.”. So enter your name and business email id. Once done, check the box saying “Treat as an Alias” and click on “Next Step”.


Step 13. Now you’ve to configure the mail SMTP server. It’s a very crucial part. In the box, enter only your domain name (example- (Note- put your domain name) in “SMTP Server” field, then port need to unchanged, in Username field put your business mail id and also enter the password which you have used while creating the business email account in the “Password” field. The “Secured Connection Using TLS” option will also be unchanged. Once done, click on “Add Account”.


Step 14. Now Gmail will send you an email to your personal gmail id to verify your domain and will ask you to enter the confirmation code to verify.


Step 15. To get the code go to Gmail account and we’ll get a mail from Gmail Team regarding Gmail confirmation. Open the mail and you’ll get a confirmation code from Gmail (Check below image).


Step 16. Just copy the confirmation code and paste it in the pop-up window and click on “Verify” button to verify it. Now you’re done. Now you can send or receive your business mail via your Gmail without paying a single penny. Fir your kind information this is an alternative of “Google Apps for Business”. If you want better and dedicated features of Gmail then you should go with Google Apps for Business.


Step 17. There is also an option to make your business email id the primary email id in Gmail by choosing “Make Default” in the “Accounts And Import Tab” in Gmail Settings.


I feel this is a very good option if you can’t afford the Google Apps for Business. I’m using the same and quite satisfied with the features. If you have any queries or facing any kind of problem while following these steps, then please feel free and dropping a comment below in the comment box. I will revert with a solution as soon as possible.